Host Name: Penkraft

Location: Desai House, Shreerang Society Road, Castle Mills Naka, Uthalsar, Thane West - 400601.

Booking: 4999.00/-

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Workshops Description

During this workshop, you shall learn -

  • Learn Introduction to the significance and history of Malaysian batik.
  • Learn about the materials used to create Malaysian batik.
  • Learn to prepare the fabric for the batik process.
  • Understand the process of dyeing the fabric in traditional Malaysian batik inks.
  • Explore the techniques of blending and layering the colors.
  • Learn about the longevity of the artwork and how to protect it from fading.
  • Guidance on finishing touches to enhance the final look of the artwork.
  • Understand the techniques to apply ink, for even and consistent prints.
  • learn to maintain the care of blocks.
  • Tips to take proper care of tote bag, for its longevity.

Material Provided -

Silk Fabric Stole 5x1 ft, Pebeo Colors (4 colors- 1 bottle each), Gutta-2, Round Brush size 10-1, yellow carbon paper- 4, Stencil-1, embroidery ring 12-1.


Takeaways -

A beautiful masterpiece created by you, the confidence to create the next beautiful artwork without any help, a refreshed mind, and happiness.